I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Damn Others or Die; Just Lending a Hand!

Gu Changge’s plan was simple: ‘he would devour the resources in the ancestral tomb and leave first.’

He wouldn’t have a problem breaking through to the God King Realm after he’s done with the ancestral tomb here.

He even felt that by the time he left the Ancient Immortal Continent, he would be able to condense the consciousness of the Sacred Realm and achieve the Quasi-Sacred Realm.

At that time, under the blessings of [Transcendence], his control over the Natural Laws would deepen, and he would even be able to use the Laws of Heaven and Earth at will.

Of course, it was based on the fact that he could absorb enough ‘resources’ from the ancestral tombs of the Ancient Immortal Continent.

Still, this place was different from the outside world, so even if he was found out, he would still be able to shift the blame on someone else’s head and wouldn’t need to worry about anything.

If he did something similar in the outside world, then the entire world would definitely turn into a frying pan on the verge of bursting.

Gu Changge wanted to develop himself in secret, but it wasn’t all that easy. Although he had a scapegoat in the form of Ye Ling, it didn’t mean that he could do whatever he wanted — he had to prepare a lot in order to keep everything under wraps.

“This trip to the Ancient Immortal Continent…I am afraid it’s going to end up as a lesson for me on how to rob tombs…”

Gu Changge mumbled to himself.

Soon, a [Divine-grade Aura Concealment Talisman] appeared in his hand and a hazy brilliance shrouded his figure as brilliant runes intertwined around him.

His entire figure disappeared in the Void, and he quickly went towards the ruins in front of him.

Although he had only done something similar once before, he was already quite familiar with the entire process…he might just have talent in this ‘field.’

Afterwards, he avoided the areas with strong auras and continued forward.

After arriving all the way in the depths of the ruins, Gu Changge walked out of the Void. In front of him were dilapidated palaces and pavilions shrouded in flowing, gray mist.

There were many mountain peaks of different sizes releasing different colors of light.

Suddenly, the Void trembled!


Blood splattered everywhere with the sound of two swooshes!

The two creatures responsible for guarding their ancestral tomb widened their eyes in horror, and felt a chill between their brows.

After that, the brilliance in their eyes dimmed, and a hole appeared between their brows!

A sword light flashed past them and their Primordial Spirits perished!

Instant death!

Gu Changge retracted his fingers and walked out of the Void with a casual expression and went past them.

After a while, the two bodies fell on the ground with a bang.

With his current strength, he could easily deal with two creatures who were only in the Quasi-Sacred Realm.

With his Void talent, he could approach them in complete silence, too.

After devouring the White Tiger Family’s innate talent, he turned it into a peerless sword art with the power of Natural Laws using the [Infinite Immortal Wisdom]!

Even a real Sacred Realm master might not be able to avoid grievous injuries if targeted by his sword art.

Gu Changge looked up at the ancestral tomb in front of him with a satisfied expression.

The ancestral tomb in front of him appeared small, but it was kept in great shape and the mounds inside it varied in size and shape.

Although it was covered in an ancient atmosphere, it still released a mighty aura that showed off its prosperity from eras gone by. There was no doubt that quite a few strong ones were buried in the ancestral tomb.

Some of the ‘graves’ were cracked open and released splendid brilliance…

Gu Changge knew at first glance that the brilliance was the essence of the ancient corpses buried inside. At this moment, their essence surged like a tsunami.

A slight smile appeared on his face.

There was a huge amount of ‘cultivation resources’ buried inside, and even he would salivate over them!

‘Hoh! This doesn’t seem to be an ordinary mausoleum — these wouldn’t be the tombs of their Heavenly Geniuses, right?’

Gu Changge was surprised by the writing on the tomb in front of him; the tomb wasn’t an ancestral tomb, but the ancient tomb of one of their Heavenly Genius.

As he walked past the square stone monument, he felt a monstrous energy and fighting spirit left behind by the said Heavenly Genius.

He had to accept the fact that even he felt that the group of people buried here were strong.

‘There sure are great things in the Ancient Immortal Continent! Those who can be called Heavenly Geniuses here are all extraordinary creatures for sure. It must be even more so when talking about the people from the ancient eras.’

Gu Changge felt an unyielding fighting spirit from the tombstone in front of him — the aura it released seemed to be rushing towards the sky.

‘Chen Que of the Hundred Forbidden Battle…’

‘Holy Dragon King, Yuan Xu…’

‘Bearer of God’s Blood…’


Gu Changge recognized some of the ancient writing as he walked past the tombstones.

Of course, he held no curiosity towards the origins of the geniuses buried here. They were already dead, and it was a fact that they couldn’t achieve the pinnacle they would have been destined for otherwise!

What use was their overwhelming fighting spirit now?

‘Damn others, or die.’

In Gu Changge’s eyes, they were nothing more than ‘cultivation resources.’


After that, Gu Changge sat down cross-legged.

Soon, a black light appeared behind him and turned into a pitch-black [Great Dao Treasured Bottle] that dimmed the light of the world around him — the sun, the moon, and the stars dimmed in his presence.

After that, dark clouds seemed to crack in the corners of the mausoleum.

Countless suns, moos, and stars fell from there and illuminated the ground below and covered Gu Changge’s figure!

He appeared to have a supreme visage carved out of crystal-clear, translucent jade, and his bones appeared to have black light flowing through them.

It was as if he was telling the world that: ‘even if the Heavens collapse, I will live as an Immortal! Even if the world collapses, I will live as an Immortal!’

The tombs were cracked open and the bodies of the ancient Heavenly Geniuses floated out of them one after another — both men and women.

All of them had sturdy figures, with different shapes, and robes that made it clear that they were from different eras…their powerful talents were bare for the world to witness as their figures rushed towards the sky.

They went up and down under the starlight as the [Great Dao] swallowed their essence and refined everything in Gu Changge’s body.

His Primordial Spirit and Cultivation Base improved at a rapid speed!


While Gu Changge busied himself with refining and absorbing the essence of the Heavenly Geniuses in the ancestral tombs of the aborigines, Ye Ling’s still stood outside the city with frowns as they wondered how they could sneak inside without anyone discovering them.

Chi Ling and Yin Mei had instructed their followers to stay there and wait for their return.

After the Ancient Immortal Continent opened up, a massive number of cultivators from the outside broke in and caused a great impact on the livelihood of the aborigines.

Because of this, it wasn’t easy for the outsiders to approach their territories. Once they were seen, they would find themselves embroiled in a life-and-death battle.

Of course, there were quite a few daring young masters who dared to take the risks and went to the territories of the aborigines to steal all kinds of ancient Mystical Arts and Treasures of the Continent.

“Chi Ling, this is too dangerous! Although Ye Lin isn’t weak, you are infiltrating the den of the aborigines, and they have countless True Gods, God Kings, and who knows, even Quasi-Sacred Realm masters…”

“You should reconsider this matter!”

Some of Chi Ling’s followers spoke up at this time, and a handsome man with peacock feathers couldn’t help but suggest to her with a frown.

He was named Kong Yang, a Young Genius of the Peacock Family. He once lost to Chi Ling and turned into her follower, but in fact, he was actually one of Chi Ling’s admirers.

His strength wasn’t much weaker than Chi Ling’s, but he was still willing to become her follower, and that showed his thought process. [TL/N: foaking Lolicon Peasizedcock.]

Alas! Chi Ling had to pretend not to see through his intentions.

“I believe in Ye Lin’s strength, so there’s no need to say any more about this matter. You will stay here! If we end up in some accident, then you must escape.”

Chi Ling said with a shake of her head.

She trusted Ye Ling and didn’t believe he would do something dumb.

Kong Yang frowned when he heard her words, and said, “Chi Ling, why does Ye Lin want to go to the ruins out of nowhere tonight? He didn’t say anything about it before, but now, he wants all of you to believe him? What if he’s trying to harm you?”

“If I am not wrong, then he most definitely knows what opportunity is hidden in there, and that’s why he brought us here! Now that we are here, he doesn’t care about the others but wants to bring the two of you along…just what does he want?”

He had spoken out before as well and displayed his dissatisfaction and contempt for Ye Ling, but Ye Ling slapped him in the face and humiliated him in front of Chi Ling…Kong Yang still had that account to settle with Ye Ling.

Along the way, he paid attention to Ye Ling’s actions and behavior, and realized that Ye Ling was doing something weird and hiding many secrets from them.

The most important matter was the fact that Ye Ling seemed to know where to seek opportunities and how to avoid dangers; it was as if he knew in advance where all the dangers lay.

What did that mean?

It meant that Ye Ling had a goal and had planned for this a long time ago! Otherwise, why was he so adept and seemed to be in control of everything?

It’s just that Ye Ling kept all of them in the dark.

Kong Yang didn’t want Chi Ling to be tricked by Ye Ling.

Alas! Chi Ling’s next words made him clench his fists and ground his teeth with unwillingness.

“Kong Yang, your worries are unnecessary! I completely trust Ye Lin.”

Chi Ling shook her head and said with an unchanged expression. There was no way she would change her mind just because someone asked her to.

After that, she left and went to discuss the matter with Ye Ling.


“Ye Lin, damn you! I want to see just what you are plotting!”

Kong Yang’s expression turned ugly and livid as he stared in Ye Ling’s direction with rage and coldness in his eyes.

If Ye Ling wasn’t plotting anything, then why was he so sure that whatever he wanted was in the ruined city ahead?

On the other side, Ye Ling and the old turtle ghost in his pendant discussed the matter for a while, and then came up with an idea.

‘According to the old ghost’s words, there’s indeed a seventy percent chance of success. I didn’t even think about the Power of Reincarnation! With the mysteries it contains, we will be able to explore the place…’

Ye Ling was overjoyed.

The old turtle in his pendant, on the other hand, showed a strange expression as it muttered in its heart, ‘Forget it! The Enlightenment Platform left behind by the Heavenly Venerate holds great importance, and I reckon the original guardians should still be around.’

‘If everything goes well, then they should choose to submit to this brat, Ye Ling, but if it doesn’t, then things will get somewhat difficult.’

The old turtle didn’t know too much about the details of the matter, all it knew was that it was some kind of test left behind by the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation for Ye Ling.

If he could pass this test, he would get an extremely powerful boost.

“Ye Ling, let’s go.”

Right then, a charming, mind-numbing voice sounded.

[TL/N: Yin Mei is a top-tier vixen who can play the innocent girl and seductive beach all at the same time.]

Yin Mei also came over with gentle steps that made her resemble a lotus — she had already commanded her followers to do other things.

On her face she held a smile that could move anyone’s heart, and her curved eyebrows gave her an extremely bright appearance.

Ye Ling lost his bearings for a moment, but soon recovered and smiled.

The scene didn’t escape Chi Ling’s gaze, and she couldn’t help but frown. Speaking of which, wasn’t Yin Mei the fiancee of Ye Ling’s late brother, Bai Lie? How come Ye Ling now held such an attitude towards Yin Mei?

Although she didn’t say anything about it, she couldn’t help but shake her head in her heart.

Compared to the first time she met Ye Ling, the current Ye Ling gave her a sense of incomprehension.

Could Bai Lie’s death be related to Ye Ling?

Right now, Chi Ling couldn’t help but fall into deep confusion in her mind.

Could it be that Bai Lie was murdered by Ye Ling and Yin Mei together?

Why else would the two sneakily exchange glances along the way?

From what she could see, Ye Ling indeed seemed to have a different kind of emotion towards Yin Mei, or he wouldn’t have gone to rescue her from danger even at the cost of exposing his identity.

The most important matter was the fact that Ye Ling didn’t show any concern for Bai Lie, his virtuous brother who always valued him, and helped a lot in his cultivation — he seemed to have no respect for Bai Lie.

Instead, it was as if he wished for Bai Lie’s death!

This shook Chi Ling’s long-standing trust in Ye Ling, and she couldn’t help but give birth to doubts in her heart.

“Chi Ling, why are you lost in a daze? We have to go!”

Ye Ling’s voice interrupted Chi Ling’s thoughts and brought her back to her senses. She decided to leave the matter for later. After all, Ye Ling didn’t seem to have any ill will towards her.

After that, the three of them turned into brilliant rays of light and quietly sneaked towards the large ruins ahead.

At the same time, Ye Ling sacrificed a pitch-black stone that released a burst of brilliant runes that wrapped their figures from all directions.

“This can hide our aura! As long as we don’t make any large movements, ordinary creatures won’t be able to find us.”

Ye Ling said to Yin Mei and Chi Ling, who were following behind him.

Of course, he noticed Chi Ling’s expressions from before, but he didn’t want to explain anything.

After all, he was now certain that Yin Mei held feelings of affection for him, and he, too, held similar feelings for her.

The two had fallen in love with each other!

He reckoned that even if his Big Bro Bai Lie was alive, he would, at most, sigh and not blame them for it.

Ye Ling didn’t believe there was anything wrong with his feelings.

[TL/N: holy foak! This dude is more delusional than I imagined him to be.]

With how awesome he was, wasn’t it only natural for him to attract the hearts and minds of favored daughters of heaven?

Ye Ling merely wanted to lend them a hand.


[Inside the city.]

While Ye Ling and the others sneaked into the ruins, a group of old men with strange markings on their bodies gathered inside an ancient, magnificent hall with surging Spiritual Qi far denser than the outside.

Stars could be seen crumbling in their eyes as seas turned into nothingness, and all sorts of terrifying visions flashed past.

All of them were mighty, so much so that even the weakest among them was a Quasi-Sacred Realm master!

Still, their appearance wasn’t human.

Some had wings, others had vertical eyes on their foreheads, some were covered in black pain, others were covered in gold that made them resemble immortals made out of gold.

The only thing common about them were the strange ruins flashing in their hands.

If one looked closely, they would realize that the ruins were floating up and down, and held extremely mysterious appearances…


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