I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Yue Mingkong reflects on herself, why was he so kind to her?(Part 1)

The Baiheng Mountains were vast as different kinds of ancient trees and vines grew there.

The peaks formed a continuous range and the aura was like a tide, which made it seem extremely lush.

At this moment, within the depths of these hidden ruins, in front of an ancient stone gate, a beautiful and noble figure was seated cross-legged.

Immortal rain descended, and through this stone gate, the brilliance was faintly revealed.

This figure was dressed in a large plain white jade robe, embellished with the ancient sea of stars. She looked like someone from another world and her aura was extremely calm.

Thousands of blue silk ribbons fluttered as her face was like a goddess, and the immortal runes in her eyes flickered as clear as crystal jade.

It was Yue Mingkong.

She had been cultivating here for almost a month.

With her current means, it was still difficult to open this portal.

But if she went to Gu Changge for help, she was afraid that Gu Changge would have bad intentions and secretly trick her.

So in the end, Yue Mingkong chose to cultivate here.

Not to mention, perhaps it was the misadventure that allowed her to obtain a mysterious immortal scripture from this portal.

“This Immortal scripture can help me achieve the True Immortal body…”

As Yue Mingkong murmured, a hazy rain of light filled with immortal intent, diffused out from the crack of the immortal gate.

This immortal rain contained immortal runes, which were being refined into her body by her giving rise to Immortal bones and divine posture, but that was all.

The temperament of the whole person had even become inhumane, and all things in the world lost color in front of her.

But soon, Yue Mingkong sensed something and frowned.

Then she stood up and regained her former temperament, like a lofty emperor, strong and confident, indifferent but in control.

“Someone touched the prohibition formation I placed here…”

As she said that, she turned into a divine light soaring into the sky.

At the same time, many subordinates and followers hidden everywhere also appeared.

During this time, with her great strength, she had controlled the lives and deaths of many people and made them submit to her.

There were even many immortal creatures among them.

Yue Mingkong also had a secret method to control others. She had researched and derived the method from many texts in order to target Gu Changge’s Immortal Devouring Demon Technique.

From among those canonical books, a God-control technique was obtained by her.

Most of the people around her now were her confidants, and she could control their life and death with a single thought. She was not afraid of their betrayal.

“Within three thousand miles of the Baiheng Mountains, every inch of space has been controlled by me…”

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with this fluctuation just now. There are several powerful auras that are coming here.”

Yue Mingkong appeared on the top of the mountain, her eyes were indifferent, and terrifying fluctuations appeared on her palm.

While looking at the direction where the wave of fluctuations originated from just now, Yue Mingkong sensed a faintly unpleasant feeling in her heart.

In fact, the person she was most worried about was still Gu Changge.

Except for Gu Changge, no one knew about the fact that the Immortal Spirit was about to be born.

She didn’t know where Gu Changge had obtained this information from.

In her heart, Gu Changge was almost omnipotent, and the means he possessed were almost countless.

She had never been the only one who couldn’t think of it, and there was nothing Gu Changge couldn’t do.

Including this time, calculating the entire Ancient Immortal Clans in his plans and dragging them down.

Anyway she couldn’t even fathom this kind of plan.

Poor Ye Ling, who was already dead, was still taking the blame for Gu Changge.

There was no need to say more about it.

Therefore, Yue Mingkong was very worried, now that Gu Changge actually knew that the Immortal Spirit would be born in the Baiheng Mountains.

When Gu Changge arrived here, how would she explain what she had done?

Maybe Gu Changge would doubt her again because of the matter of Immortal Spirit.

The relationship between the two had finally eased up and they had gotten closer, and it was likely to drop to freezing point again.

At this time, all kinds of thoughts flashed in Yue Mingkong’s mind.


In the distant sky, there were suddenly many divine lights moving towards this direction.

The young man at the lead, with feathered clothes and wide sleeves, rich and handsome as jade, seemingly transcendent, was like a young immortal walking in the world.

If it was not Gu Changge, who she least expected to see, who was it?

“He really came…”

At this moment, the indifferent expression on Yue Mingkong’s face suddenly froze.

The worst possibility she envisioned had actually become a reality at this time.

Gu Changge not only came, but also brought a large number of followers, even including Yin Mei, the fox.

This made Yue Mingkong feel even worse.

Her cold eyes emanated an expression that was even more frosty, just like an ancient iceberg, laden with frost and murderous aura.

This chill was not directed at Gu Changge, but behind Gu Changge. Yin Mei, who was wearing a red dress with nine fox tails swaying in the space.



The followers and servants of Yue Mingkong also looked at Yue Mingkong with an embarrassed expression at this time.

After all, the person who came… turned out to be Gu Changge.

For Yue Mingkong, wasn’t it the flood that washed down the Dragon King Temple?

The two of them were an unmarried couple.

“Stop him for me.” Yue Mingkong ordered coldly.

A dazzling light appeared beside her body, and a slap-sized silver moon print rose in the sky and descended, exuding an amazing pressure.

Originally, she was still thinking about how to face Gu Changge, but now… she couldn’t bear it at all.

Yin Mei accompanied Gu Changge to put on a big show.

This was already enough to show the relationship between Yin Mei and Gu Changge.


Hearing this order, the followers all looked at each other, they felt a little helpless.

However, they could not disobey the order of Yue Mingkong.

At once, they rushed towards Gu Changge who was flying towards this place to stop them.

“Oh? Mingkong is actually here too? It’s a bit of a coincidence.”

At this time, Gu Changge also had an expression that he only noticed Yue Mingkong now, and was slightly surprised.

As soon as he pressed his hand, everyone behind him stopped.

“Young Master Changge, this matter is ordered by the Emperor, we……”

The followers of Yue Mingkong could not help but speak stiffly.

Make a move on Gu Changge?

Then weren’t they just looking for death?

During this time, everyone knew how powerful Gu Changge was, and there was no longer any opponent among the younger generation.

And to put it mildly, this was one of their own people.

Yue Mingkong probably didn’t know the reason, and was making a little fuss.

They are caught in the middle of their private affair, and it was really difficult to handle!


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