I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Yin Mei chose to go head on with Yue Mingkong, Her big eyes are confused (Part 2)

Such a strong and decisive approach was in line with the rumors about her.

Yin Mei also knew that this future Empress was very possessive towards Gu Changge and would not allow other women to approach Gu Changge half a step.

All of this was the best proof.

At this moment, upon hearing this, Yin Mei couldn’t help but smile and said, “Princess Mingkong, you are too domineering. If the Master knows all this, don’t you think he will be angry?”

“This princess doesn’t care about that.”

Yue Mingkong said lightly that she knew Gu Changge very well and knew that it was impossible for Gu Changge to be tempted by Yin Mei, at most he was just using her.

But before that, she had to make it clear to Yin Mei and avoid unnecessary crooked thoughts.

In addition, she hoped that Gu Changge would be angry with her, which would at least show that she still had a certain place in Gu Changge’s heart.

Yue Mingkong was worried that Gu Changge would not care about this matter.

Neither blame nor ask.

“Oh, it seems that Princess Mingkong had a quarrel with my Master? A conflict?”

At that, Yin Mei smiled a bit strangely, sensing a hint of despondency in Yue Mingkong’s words.

She was born with a talent for the control of these tiny emotions.

That was why her acting was so seamless.

In this instant, Yin Mei noticed Yue Mingkong’s hidden emotions and her heart drifted a bit.

No wonder when he left the Ancient Immortal Continent, Gu Changge was not followed by Yue Mingkong.

It seemed likely that the two had a conflict in the Baiheng Mountain Range.

And the problem was most likely because of Yue Mingkong.

Yin Mei was very envious at first for Yue Mingkong, in this world she could be the woman who was treated so well by Gu Changge, Yue Mingkong was definitely the first one.

But now…… She seemed to see a faint glimmer of hope in it.

She didn’t want to keep becoming a pawn in Gu Changge’s hands, she also hoped that Gu Changge could really look at her.

“How do you know?” In Yue Mingkong’s eyes, a horrible divine light suddenly emerged, transforming into a round of bright moon seals, containing a terrifying divine might.

“It’s natural that I can see it.” Yin Mei said with a smile.

At this time, there was no longer as much scorn for Yue Mingkong as there was just now.

So what if her power and strength were inferior to Yue Mingkong?

She was now playing a major for Gu Changge, and was absolutely some unreplaceable.

At this point, as long as Yue Mingkong was not stupid, she would not dare to kill her.

The same was true for Yue Mingkong, who was also afraid of being disgusted by Gu Changge.

And this was exactly the opportunity she could use.

“Aren’t you afraid that this princess will kill you?” Yue Mingkong coldly said, as a reborn person, she would not put Yin Mei in her eyes.

Showing up was just to warn her.

“Not afraid, if you kill me, the Master might not blame you, but you have to think carefully, Princess Mingkong. From now on, you may never walk into the Master’s heart again.”

“Didn’t you think about the consequences?”

Yin Mei said with a smile while across the carriage, at this time, she chose to go head-on with Yue Mingkong.

“Are you threatening this princess?” All of a sudden, Yue Mingkong’s deep and cold eyes showed indifference to the extreme, and her aura surged, like she could overturn ten thousand miles of mountains and rivers with a single flip of her hand.

How dare a mere fox provoke and threaten herself, this was something she did not expect at all.

Most of all, what Yin Mei said was the thing that Yue Mingkong had been most worried about.

“No, I’m just explaining all of this clearly to Princess Mingkong.” Yin Mei shook her head and said.

“Of course, if you do not kill me, Princess Mingkong, you have to be careful in the future. For many things, I can help the Master, and you can not.”

“Master’s heart, let’s see who gets it first?”

Yin Mei didn’t care about Yue Mingkong’s coldness and killing aura in the slightest and spoke for herself.

Her own tactics were not weak either.

Now that she had pinpointed Yue Mingkong’s weakness, she naturally had to make good use of it.

In her opinion, these words poked at Yue Mingkong’s heart.

“Heh, ridiculous.”

However, Yin Mei was a bit surprised that Yue Mingkong did not show her anger at this, instead, there was even some mockery in her eyes.

“You want to get Gu Changge’s heart too?”

Yue Mingkong’s voice was calm, but it carried a mocking contempt, not taking Yin Mei’s words seriously.

She had never worried that Gu Changge would be tempted by other women.

It was just that she felt jealous and uncomfortable to see him surrounded by women other than her.

Even if she knew that those actions were all pretended by Gu Changge, not his real actions.

She still felt the same.

No one knew Gu Changge better than Yue Mingkong.

In her opinion, Yin Mei’s confidence was not a kind of ignorance and dreaming, so much so that Yue Mingkong didn’t even bother to care about Yin Mei’s outburst just now.

“However, from your words, it has made this princess understand the truth, stopping is better than fighting……”

“Everything has to go to the root cause rather than trying to change the present.”

Yue Mingkong said.

At this moment, she already got the answer she wanted.

She would not give up her real purpose for this, and at the same time, she would not do unnecessary things at such a time.

Even if she was a regressor, she was powerless to stop Gu Changge, so why not do it in a different way?

“What does Princess Yue Mingkong mean?”

Yin Mei asked, her brow furrowed as she directly addressed Yue Mingkong’s name.

She wasn’t even sure why Yue Mingkong was so sure that she couldn’t get Gu Changge’s heart?

She didn’t believe it!

However, Yue Mingkong did not answer Yin Mei’s question, and left this place with a wave of her beautiful hand.

All the strong people in the front turned into divine light and rushed up into the sky, disappearing from here without further interception.

“If you can really do it, it might be a good thing too.” Yue Mingkong’s voice came from afar.

“Why……” Yin Mei was a little dazed for a moment in the carriage.


On the shore of the Immeasurable Sea.

The ancient city of East Li.

There was once an Ancient family here, a long million years, living here from the past until now,

They had experienced prosperity, decay, retreat, revival, and were the overlord of this place.

Unfortunately, some years ago, they offended thePrimordial Divine Sect, and many powerful people attacked them.

That ancient family was directly wiped out.

Their origin was now a desolate ruin.

The traces of the fire spread all the way.

There were broken walls, barren grass, broken corners, brick and tile, showing the prosperity of their prime.

The scene was bleak, and the passing cultivators occasionally glanced at it, with sighs in their eyes.

“Alas, thinking about how powerful the Ancient Sun family was back then, in the ancient city of the East, no one dared to refute a word, they were an existence that could cause earthquakes by just stamping a foot, but now we can’t even find traces of them.”

“The Primordial Divine Sect wreaks havoc on all sides, and is truly terrifying! This kind of power was also extinguished by them in one day!”

Many old people said wistfully.

“But for an even more powerful family, there would be a time to fall, who told them to offend the wrong forces, offend the wrong people,” the next person also sighed.

“Hush, keep your voice down, there are some things you can’t say, did you forget about the downfall of the Feathered Clan of the Ancient Immortal Continent this time?”

“Speak carefully!”

One person immediately shivered.

Thinking of that news, they could not help but shut up in unison, and their eyes showed fear.

And at that moment, a clattering sound, like a big wave rushing to the sky suddenly sounded.

This sound was incomparably grand and rang out from afar.

It came from the seashore of the limitless sea.

The cultivators of the entire ancient city heard this huge sound, and many shadows broke through the air and looked toward the source of the sound.


Seeing this scene, everyone was full of shock, and sucked back a cold breath.

This was the shore of the limitless sea, the land of the sea clan.

Occasionally there were people from the sea clan with goods coming here.

But today was different, there was a raging sound of warships, a large number, covering the sky, and creating terrifying fluctuations far away.

A huge blue flag was fluttering in the wind.

Sea King Palace!

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned. The Sea King Palace actually came from the limitless sea to attack with a large number of people of the sea clan!

Some people instantly associated it with what had happened within the Ancient Immortal Continent.

The Seventh Princess of the Sea King Palace was killed by a young girl named Gu Xian’er.

Could it be that the Sea King Palace was enraged over this matter and intended to come to take revenge and seek justice?

Soon, the news spread quickly, and in a flash, resounded from all the ancient cities in the heavens, causing a huge sensation.


And at this time, in the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace, on top of the mountain, clouds and mist surged, the mountain wind blew.

Everything seemed indistinct and lofty, just like an earthly paradise.

“Oh, the Great Elder and the old Ancestor are back?”

Gu Changge, who was drinking alone on the stone table, sensed the movement, smiled and got up to receive them.

The void blurred and a portal appeared.

Three figures came out from it with different expressions, but none of them had the slightest good face.

Why was Gu Changge waiting here this early?

Gu Xian’er’s smile froze on her small face, which was still wearing a contented smile.

And her big eyes looked indignant and confused for a while.


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