I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 228

Chapter 228: How can you not be an adult? Let the leeks go to harvest the leeks (Part 1)

“Damn Gu Changge……”

“One day, you will be suppressed by me in the pit, and you will not be able to get out of it for the rest of your life!”


A stream of light swept past from the foot of the Supreme Peak.

It was Gu Xian’er, who was passing through this place, and she grunted coldly towards the palace on the mountain peak.

Only then did she turn around and head for the place where she usually cultivated.

This scene made some of the followers behind Gu Xian’er feel a bit helpless.

Every time she came back from outside, Gu Xian’er would not forget to go to the Supreme Peak and curse Gu Changge.

At first, Gu Changge would show up with a frown, slap Gu Xian’er to the ground and make her understand the consequences of being beaten up.

Later, Gu Xian’er got used to the feeling of being beaten up by Gu Changge every once in a while.

After being beaten up, she felt that her cultivation level was vaguely showing signs of a breakthrough.

Gu Changge’s current strength was still as unfathomable as it was back then, and he could easily suppress her.

When Gu Xian’er confronted Gu Changge, she found that such a resistance was more effective than the time when she cultivated alone.

This discovery surprised Gu Xian’er.

So she used Gu Changge as a sandbag…… Although she was the one who got beaten up every time, Gu Changge was cruel and ruthless, and he didn’t show any mercy.

Each of his slap was painful

However, Gu Changge seemed to be bored with Gu Xian’er’s provocations, and soon started to ignore it.

No matter how provocative Gu Xian’er was, he remained indifferent and didn’t show up at all.

This made Gu Xian’er very uncomfortable and indignant.

Gu Changge’s attitude towards her was getting colder and colder.

The more so, the more Gu Xian’er intended to provoke him.

However, over these days, her status was changing abruptly.

So much so that many young powerhouses had come to find her, intending to follow her.

Gu Xian’er, who was used to cultivating alone all day, suddenly had many followers.

This made her a bit afraid to imagine, and it was difficult to adapt.

Some of these followers came for Gu Changge and wanted to use her identity to visit him.

Some other girls were considering playing nice with her and getting close, but from time to time, they would inquire about various news about Gu Changge.

These cover-ups made Gu Xian’er incomparably annoyed and offended.

These girls, with just their appearance, they also dare to inquire about Gu Changge’s affairs?

She did not say this kind of words, but her contempt was already very obvious.

Gu Xian’er also knew that all of these changes were brought about by the day in front of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace, when Gu Changge revealed everything in front of everyone in the world and acknowledged her status as a child of the Gu family.

Otherwise, before this, she was still an obscure young girl, and when many people mentioned her they would instantly think of that dazzling incomparable Gu Changge.

But now, many people still remembered that the distance Gu Xian’er had traveled on the Heavenly Path was actually not much worse than Gu Changge.

Her talent was no weaker than Gu Changge.

In particular, all of this was still after she lost her Dao bone, and then had to cultivate hard.

This vigor and perseverance was worthy of the admiration of all cultivators.

But under the halo of Gu Changge, people couldn’t help but overlook Gu Xian’er.

On the contrary, Gu Changge, who was frank about his wrongdoings of that year, became more dazzling and his reputation reached an even higher level.

If Gu Xian’er knew a word called “hype”, she would have cursed Gu Changge.

And in the blink of an eye, time passed, and half a month crossed by.

“Sea King Palace and the Immortal Ancient Continent’s matter, it’s also time to wrap them up……”

“This time is really coincidental.”

Noticing something, Gu Changge, who was writing down a letter inside the palace, could not help but reveal a strange smile.

Silver light flashed in his eyes, and many scenes from within the Immortal Ancient Continent emerged in his eyes.

The vast land of the Black Heavenly Eagle clan was a thriving place.

As if the arrival of Gu Changge that day was just a dream, and it did not affect them in any way.

At first, the Black Heavenly Eagle clan thought that Gu Changge would send them to fight with the rest of the Immortal Ancient clans to fight for resources and territory to further expand their strength.

However, Gu Changge did not do so, and did not even reveal anything about them, hiding deep behind the curtain.

This matter made the whole Black Heavenly Eagle group puzzled, but at the same time, they also put down their hearts, they originally had a slave seal in their body, and being subordinate to another person was not unacceptable.

Moreover, this person also put his hands-off, and did not care about them.

This kind of good thing naturally surprised them, and slowly they didn’t care about Gu Changge’s control over them anymore.

“Thinking is very good, I keep you guys without using, so what are you waiting for?”

Gu Changge had insights into their thoughts and couldn’t help but snort.

It was just that it was not time to use them yet.

The Black Heavenly Eagle clan, as his servant clan, remained as ambush in the Immortal Ancient Continent and was not discovered by anyone to be the least bit abnormal.

After all, as one of the extremely famous powerful clans in the Ancient Immortal Continent, the Black Heavenly Eagle clan’s foundation was still very terrifying.

The Feathered Clan, which had been wiped out, was nowhere near as good as them.

Without the Immortal Binding technique, it would still be very difficult for Gu Changge to control this clan.

During this period of time, the terrifying net he had laid was spreading rapidly.

In just half a month, it had already enveloped all kinds of living beings, and the scope of it was extremely terrifying.

The main reason was that the Immortal Binding technique was not exposed.

The strength of the Black Heavenly Eagle clan was also growing at a speed visible to the naked eye and surpassed the rest of the clans.

This was seen by the Ancient Snake, Divine Crocodile and other clans, and they were naturally greedy.

In their eyes, the Black Heavenly Eagle clan had definitely obtained a lot of good things.

The Black Heavenly Eagle clan did not know that the means Gu Changge used to control them was the Immortal Binding technique that they had always worshiped as an immortal scripture.

They had always thought that it was the effect of the slave seal.

The Ancient Snake Clan and the Divine Crocodile Clan had also been put under the slave seal by the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation, so how could they have escaped Gu Changge’s control?

So in the eyes of the Black Heavenly Eagle clan, these two groups were actually the same as they were, and they were all fish meat on the chopping block.

Naturally they didn’t have much hostility for these two groups.

In this process, Hei Ming, this pawn, was also very “kind” to quietly pass this technique to his friends, intending to carry forward.

This also made the binding technique that Gu Changge left spread quickly.

Gu Changge himself did not expect that this chess piece that he had laid down casually would end up bringing him such a terrifying profit.

Afterwards, Gu Changge’s figure moved and stepped into the void, intending to move towards the Ancient Immortal Continent and carry out the final finishing touch.

Since the Ancient Snake and Divine Crocodile clans were coveting the binding technique of the Black Heavenly Eagle clan.

Gu Changge would naturally be an adult and fulfill them all together.

This process and planning was actually very simple for Gu Changge, he just had to set up some coincidental timing and arrangement.

Then just wait quietly for some time.

Now that he had already waited for half a month at the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace, the time to set up was ready.

As for how to do it?

It was actually very simple.


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