I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 230

Chapter 230: I need to use a new identity, Who else wants to oppose? (Part 1)

At the same time, on the Ancient Immortal Continent, the land of the Divine Crocodile Clan.

In the sky, dark clouds rolled in and at first glance, this place looked full of mud and swamp, with black miasma rolling in the air.

Immediately after, a gray bubble crack in the void, filled with a palpitating aura, like a death swamp.

In the middle of the jungle beyond this swamp, several strong and tall Divine Crocodile Clansmen were patrolling around, whispering.

The Divine Crocodile Clansmen were clad in golden armor, with dark golden vertical pupils, sweeping through the nearby mountains and forests.

Alerting all the creatures approaching here.

Not only the Divine Crocodile Clan, the Ancient Tortoise Clan was guarded against any movements as well.

They especially kept an eye on the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan’s movement. Some time ago, after the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan obtained the Immortal Scripture, the Divine Crocodile and Ancient Snake Clans began to cultivate it one after another.

This Immortal Scripture was extremely mysterious and powerful, even for those with average qualifications, they could also improve their cultivation.

This discovery made many people of the Divine Crocodile and Ancient Snake Clan cheer up and excited, feeling that their hope to rise had come.

These days, they had been suppressed by the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan, which made them guess that it was probably because the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan had obtained that mysterious-Immortal Scripture.

At one time, the Quasi-Supreme Realm ancestors of the two Clans showed up and woke up from their seclusion in order to cultivate this Immortal Scripture.

Then they discovered the mysteriousness of it, and could not help but be shocked and surprised. The mysteriousness of it simply made them intoxicated, and their Dao Heart trembled, and it was difficult for them to understand the mystery of it.

The Divine Crocodile and Ancient Snake Clans who had seen the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan reveal their secret after getting drunk, were valued by their Ancestors and their status rose all the way up in the Clan, making many of them envious.

The Black Heavenly Eagle Clan’s powerful secret was accidentally discovered, and this merit was enough to make anyone envious.

At this time, even the two Clan Chiefs were also drowned into cultivation, intoxicated, unable to extricate themselves.

And at this moment, in the vicinity of the mountain range, an incomparably sturdy member of the Divine Crocodile Clan who was wearing a silver armor, after touring around a circle, he could not help but lament a sentence, said.

“The Immortal Scripture that I got from the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan is really wonderful! Last night I broke through to the middle of the Heavenly God realm, this bottleneck that had stuck me for so many centuries……”

At his words, another Clan member next to him also nodded in agreement, with the same incomparable emotion.

“I feel that I am also close, now I have vaguely touched the bottleneck, at most, I’ll make a breakthrough in these days! Who would have thought that my Clan would have obtained such a powerful Immortal Scripture, and it would not be impossible to dominate the entire Ancient Immortal Continent by then!”

He said with a smile, with a vague excitement in his eyes.

Nowadays, they had motivation to cultivate, unlike before, when they were limited by their qualifications and had difficulty breaking through to a higher realm.

For them, this Immortal Scripture was definitely a divine object that could be called a reversal of fate, and the effect of transforming their bones was not just talk.

It could even allow their Clan to grow again and usher in a peak of glory.

“If we weren’t lucky enough to bump into that stupid member of the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan, I think we’d still be kept in the dark by them ……”

“The Black Heavenly Eagle Clan has evil intentions, it deserves to be punished, they became stronger in the dark, I’m afraid it won’t be long before several of our Clans will meet their poisonous hands, the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan’s appetite has always been big!”

“Fortunately, their plot was discovered in advance!”

The two said, and for a moment they couldn’t help but feel that they were really lucky.

Only the Clan members who broke through to the True God realm, as well as some talented descendants, were qualified to cultivate this Immortal Scripture.

The rest of them were not even qualified to know about this Immortal Scripture.

This showed how much importance they attached to it.

They did not believe that this would be deliberately leaked by the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan.

If someone had such a good thing, why would they reveal it?

In the end, it was still greed that got in their way.

For this kind of Immortal Scripture, it was impossible to appear in the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan, they just didn’t know when the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan got this Immortal Scripture.

And, the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan’s strength was getting stronger, in their eyes, although they did not say anything, but wouldn’t they envy it deep down?

“Who are you? Why did you intrude on our Clan’s land!”

At this point, the two of them suddenly shouted in shock, and their dark golden vertical pupils shrunk with disbelief.

Beyond the mountain range, a young man who seemed to have crossed the distance of a thousand miles was walking unhurriedly towards here.

The young man had a long figure, walking with his hands behind his back, his body was draped with wisps of divine haze, as if clothed in five-colored immortal garb.

Under his feet, space seemed to appear like layers of ripples, and one step crossed ten thousands of rivers and mountains.

The leisurely step was natural and easy.


“It’s him!”

“Gu Changge! How did he come here?”

Seeing the appearance of the visitor, the two Divine Crocodile Clansmen immediately became appalled beyond measure, and their voice trembled.

For a while, this young man had caused the various Great Sects and  Ancient Legacy Clans to boil into unrest.

How could they not recognize it?

It was not rude to say that if there was a person that all of the Ancient Immortal Clans of the Ancient Immortal Continent hated the most, it was definitely Gu Changge.

With his own power, he had schemed against all of the Ancient Immortal Clans, and even single-handedly led to the destruction of the Feathered Clan.

The young generation of the Divine Crocodile Clan were all scornful of this young man and did not dare to mess with him at all.

They were naturally no exception. At this moment, when they saw that Gu Changge had actually arrived outside their Clan, they had a chilling feeling on their backs.

Even their legs were getting weak.

This young man with a breezy demeanor could no longer be treated as someone from the younger generation.

Although there was no one following behind him, he still brought them an unparalleled terrifying deterrent.

The two were chilled, frozen in place, and smiles disappeared from their faces, so much so that they forgot to send a message towards the Clan to inform them of all this.

“Why do you look like you don’t welcome me?”

Gu Changge said with a gentle smile on his face.

Space became blurred, shrinking into an inch, and with a step, he immediately appeared in front of them.

After waiting in the dark for more than half a month, he naturally had to come to pick the fruit at this time.

The first place he came to was naturally the Divine Crocodile Clan.

With the experience of subduing the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan, Gu Changge was naturally not worried about any accidents.

And he only needed to come to pick the final fruit.

But in order to ensure that his true identity behind the scenes was not exposed.

Gu Changge considered that he should use a different identity, such as the heir of the Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation or something.

Ye Ling died, and the vast majority of the final cards in his body fell in Gu Changge’s hands.

This also included the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation’s accompanying palace, Sea of Reincarnation, Root of Reincarnation and several Great Sacred Realm puppets left for him.

Therefore, if Gu Changge now called himself the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation’s heir, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Of course, for using this heir identity, the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation of all people probably would not recognize it, but on the contrary, he would probably be furious and try to kill Gu Changge with his own hands.

Claiming to be his successor after killing the successor he painstakingly selected, and robbing him of his opportunity?

The Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation probably had never met such a shameless person, if he knew all of this, he would be absolutely shocked with rage.

“Gu…… Gu Changge, what are you doing here in our Clan?”

Reacting to the fact that Gu Changge was speaking to them, these two Divine Crocodile Clansmen, immediately asked with a shudder.

At this time, they were covered in cold sweat, their backs were already wet, and they were forcing themselves to resist the urge to fall to the ground.

As an existence of the Heavenly God realm, their power was enough to overlook a city, and control the life and death of millions of cultivators.

However, they were afraid of a junior to such an extent, if this matter was to get out, it would definitely cause a huge sensation.

However, this was the truth, even the revived sacred weapon could not resist Gu Changge, so he definitely had the means to kill the two of them.

“Oh, I can’t believe that you two can recognize me, then this matter is simple.”

“However, this question is really too childish, change it.”

“Of course, I advise you guys to keep your mouths shut and be quiet.”

Gu Changge casually said with a self-effacing face, then walked forward by himself, “By the way, show me the way, or you two will die.”

He said lightly, but the two of them were chilled and did not dare to speak.

Even their souls were trembling, and were about to shatter away.

It was too terrifying!

This young man was really much more than what was rumored, and the only way to perceive this palpitating, and simply suffocating fear was to actually face him.

They did not dare to say a word anymore, their faces were pale, and they were trembling.

While walking beside Gu Changge, it was almost like their scalps were going to explode.

“Take me to see your Clan leader, of course the old ancestor will also do, and by the way, inform your Clan, say…… your current master is coming.”

“If you don’t want to die, come to see me within a quarter of an hour.”

“After a quarter of an hour, whoever does not come, there is no need for him to live.”

On the way to the depths of the Divine Crocodile Clan, Gu Changge suddenly said casually, with a faint smile on his face all the time.

It was as if he was talking about an insignificant matter.


These words made the two of them freeze, their eyes widened, and chills ran violently down their spines.

What kind of strength did Gu Changge had that he dare to say such words?

Is he stupid? Or does he really…… possess such means?

Master? What does this mean?

It was just that when their lives were in Gu Changge’s hands, they did not dare to say anything more at all, but still felt their heads buzzing.

A person as ruthless as Gu Changge was incredibly courageous and meticulous.

If he didn’t have a sure plan, would he come here alone, and force his way through the Divine Crocodile Clan?

Did Gu Changge look like a fool?

Since he dared to come, he definitely had a foolproof plan.

Thinking about this, the two of them couldn’t help but blanch, because of the cultivation of Immortal Scriptures during this period of time and their mind had also been strengthened, but now it was suddenly cloudy with a layer of gloom.


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