I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 236

Chapter 236: The villain’s cannon fodder didn’t run away, I wonder many chapters he can live through (Part 1)

Wang Zijin felt that her feelings were not wrong.

For her, smooth sailing was a normal thing.

Because in her life, she had never encountered any setbacks.

Since she was born, she had displayed an extremely strong talent, and her cultivation had directly reached the so-called Sacred Realm of this world.

But thanks to her previous life, she was familiar with various usually male and female online text routines.

Wang Zijin chose the most unwise but also the most prudent and smart way, and destroyed her cultivation to improve the ceiling of future achievements.

Later facts proved that her choice was not wrong.

Now every step of her foundation seemed to be extremely solid.

Wang Zijin even felt that she would definitely become a True Immortal in the future.

Although Jiang Chuchu, another heir of the Human Ancestral Hall, claimed to be the reincarnation of an ancient immortal, she might not be able to win against her.

So Wang Zijin was very confident.

Her confidence was in her strong strength and trump cards.

Since then, she planned to leave the Human Ancestral Hall. She was so talented in this world that even if she didn’t practice hard, her cultivation was not something that ordinary geniuses could catch up to in their lifetime.

In her view, the so-called Young Supreme was nothing but an existence that could be suppressed in the palm of her hand.

Wang Zijin completely ignored it.

The grand world that she longed for in her previous life, filled with blood and vigor, was now slowly unfolding in front of her eyes.

Although Wang Zijin was a woman, she couldn’t help but feel a surge of emotions at this time.

This was the first time in more than 20 years that she intended to go out and experience this boundless and vast fantasy world.

Before that, she had been cultivating in the family and the Human Ancestral Hall, and she had never gone out to take a good look at the world. Now that she had such an opportunity in front of her eyes, she naturally would not let it go.

Wang Zijin remembered what she said in her previous life.

The world was so big, so she wanted to go out and see.

This world was countless times more exciting than her previous life. Geniuses competed for treasures, hundreds of rivers returned to the sea, beautiful women were so charming, and there were thousands of styles.

“Like other transmigrators, there are some ruthless princes, domineering devils’ routines… But for me, they are all brainless suitors… All of the geniuses are like people with a mental retardation who possess a negative emotional intelligence.”

In the carriage, Wang Zijin supported her delicate and flawless chin, staring at the magnificent scene outside, muttering casually.

She felt that the world she had traveled through was definitely not the world of women’s novels that she was familiar with in her previous life.

Fortunately, she also read a lot of male novels, and felt that it was very simple for her to cope with various routines.

Moreover, compared with the various intrigues in the women’s novels, this world of pursuing power seemed to be much simpler.

Power determined everything, and any conspiracy and tricks would be wiped out under absolute power.

“Miss, you said this time that you are going to find a man to marry. Is it true or false?”

Suddenly, Xiu’er asked.

The expression on the little face was tangled and confused.

In her opinion, her young lady was so excellent, and it was no exaggeration to describe it as the brightest moon in the nine heavens.

Was there really a suitable man for her in this world?

Hearing this, Wang Zijin quietly rolled her eyes and said angrily, “Xiu’er, why are you so stupid, of course this is only an excuse!”

“This lady will become a peerless immortal in the future. I can fight three thousand Emperors with one hand, and push the fourteen states with both hands. How can I be bound by a mere suitable husband?”

Having said that, Wang Zijin was also clear that whether it was her talent or background, or the vision of her previous life, she was completely different from other women.

She felt that she was afraid of dying alone.

Thinking that in the novels of the female protagonists in her previous life. The protagonist traveled with the seniors and came to another world to open a male harem. Wang Zijin thought it was very good at that time.

But when it was her turn to travel, she discovered this kind of thing, and it really made her nauseous.

Her vision was too high.

As soon as she thought that one day she would lose a certain big pig’s hoof, Wang Zijin felt weird and got goosebumps all over her body.

She was so good, even if the Ancient Emperor reappeared in the world, she probably won’t care.

“Fighting three thousand emperors with one hand and pushing fourteen states with both hands! Miss, your ambitions are too lofty!”

“However, I know how you would do this, miss.”

Xiu Er nodded suddenly.

Suitable husband? Although this kind of words were often heard from her young lady’s mouth, Wang Zijin always had a nonchalant tone, which was purely a joke.

“But I can consider giving Jiang Chuchu a good husband and marry her off.”

“She has a cold face all day long, making it seem like the world owes her everything, and pretending to be arrogant.”

“People like her just owe a man to clean up their mess, lest she always feel that there are men in the world, but that’s all, except for those ancestors, they’re nothing but…”

When Jiang Chuchu was mentioned, Wang Zijin shook her head.

Although that was the only friend she could talk to over the years, in Wang Zijin’s opinion, her character was too virtuous.

In the words of the previous life, it was called the Virgin.

The Virgin and the b*tch were different. The Virgin had justice in her heart and insisted on her own heart.

And the b*tch was… indescribable.

Wang Zijin won’t say anything harsh to the Virgin, but when she encountered the Virgin, she would naturally hide as far as she could.

This kind of thing had no use other than wasting resources and disgusting people while living in the world.

“I think Sage Chuchu is a good person, but her personality is too cold, she always wants to uphold justice…”

Xiu’er was a little troubled.

“Yeah, she’s a good person, so it’s good to find a suitable husband to marry her off.”

“Lest she falls into the fire pit of the Human Ancestral Hall, she should escape from the sea of ​​fire as soon as possible.”

Wang Zijin laughed and said with an expression of approval.

Whether it was in her past life or now, she never had contact with men, but in terms of theory, Wang Zijin was one of a kind.

She would do all kinds of high-profile talk, and it would not be the same after just three days.

“Ah, Miss, this time you secretly left the Human Ancestor Hall, and you don’t plan to look for the reincarnation of Human Ancestor. Will this matter make the Elders of the Zu Palace angry?” Xiu’er thought of another thing and began to worry. .

“If they are angry, just let them be. Is it possible that I have to look at their faces?” Wang Zijin looked unhappy.

“It’s their business to find the Human Ancestor’s reincarnation. I don’t want to get involved. Is it fun to be a tool for someone?”

At the beginning, she was taken to Human Ancestor Hall to cultivate, and she didn’t know there was such a task at first.

If it sounds good, it was called Human Ancestor Hall, but if it sounds bad, it was a place to train tools for someone?

For the inheritance purpose of the Human Ancestor Hall, Wang Ziji was not cold at all.

If the descendant was a man there would not be much problem but if she was a woman, didn’t that mean that she was raising a future harem for the Ancestor?

Thinking of this, Wang Zijin felt sick to her stomach, and wished to erase any traces of the Human Ancestral Hall on her body.

Perhaps for the rest of the women, this kind of thing made them feel extremely honored and they couldn’t wait to recommend themselves.

But for her, it was better to avoid it, and stay away!

“Miss, look, the Inner Domain Boundless Heaven is in the front. I heard that Young Master Wushuang is there now, why don’t you go and see him?”

“Maybe I will meet a lot of outstanding young heroes…”

After passing through the star fields and the teleportation array, Xiu’er lifted the curtain and looked at the vast world outside, and suddenly said with a look of joy, with a little excitement.

During this period of time, they actually knew a little bit about a lot of news from the outside world.

Although the Upper Realm was boundless and vast, it was roughly divided into the Heavenly Domain, the Inner Domain, the Middle Domain, and the Outer Domain.

The big events that occured in each area could actually spread to all directions very quickly, and the speed was unbelievable.

What happened in the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace during this period of time had caused many distant places in the Upper Realm to be shaken by it.

The inheritor of demonic art appeared, and the Gate of Immortality’s appearance on the Ancient Immortal Continent…

Each one caused a huge uproar, and the two masters and servants far away in Heavenly Domain actually heard about it.

“Unparalleled? My cheap brother?”

Wang Zijin was slightly startled and thought about it.

She had never seen her brother at all, and he was just like a stranger to her.

The news about Wang Wushuang was only learned from the communication in the family.

However, he was also the younger brother of this life. Since she was passing by here, there was no problem in going to see him.

She also had relatives in this life.

So, Wang Zijin thought for a while, then nodded and said, “Let’s go take a look then.”

“Okay, Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace is the oldest Dao Lineage. This period of time can be called a gathering of peerless geniuses. There are also many young supremes. Maybe you will meet a nice young lady.”

Hearing this, Xiu’er said with great joy.

Obviously, she was the one who wanted to witness the demeanor of the young supreme.

“Didn’t you say that the descendant of Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace is known as the strongest person of the younger generation? I don’t know what the rumors are about.” She was still muttering.

As if that was her real purpose.

“The strongest person in the younger generation? That’s because your young lady hasn’t appeared yet? Otherwise, how could those guys be so majestic.”

Wang Zijin smiled, as if she didn’t care about these rumors at all.

She was born as a goddess, and she had such confidence.

Although she was re-cultivating now, she had also reached the early stage of the Quasi-Sacred Realm. This kind of cultivation speed was already shocking.

If it spread out, countless people would be shocked and disturbed.

As far as she knew, those young supremes were only in the False God realm now. How far was it from her? It was simply incomprehensible!

So she didn’t care about that at all.

“Miss, aren’t you curious? It is said that he is a taboo for young people with the talent of a True Immortal! Young Master Gu Changge, his power in the Boundless Heaven is unparalleled!”

“He’s also the young master of the Ancient Immortal Gu family, and the successor of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace, with the support of immortal great sects such as the Primordial Divine Sect…”

“I can’t believe that one person can have so many titles!”

Contrary to Wang Zijin’s reaction, Xiu Er looked very longing and admiring, very excited.

Contrary to the previous attitude towards the descendants of the Heavenly Zhao clan.


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