I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 383

Chapter 383: The founder of demonic art is hiding too seriously, Maybe there will be a dark horse (Part 1)

“Young Master Changge… You are joking, how is this possible… How could we possibly suspect you…” Jun Gou’s face turned pale, and his head buzzed as if it had exploded, and he hurriedly said.

His voice trembled a little, and it was incomplete. He finally felt the terrifying power of facing Gu Changge, which made his heart palpitate and his soul trembled.

“Qingge, let go of the sea of consciousness and let them see your relationship with the inheritor of demonic arts.” At this time, Gu Changge ignored him and repeated it again, but his voice still did not waver.

“Since they don’t dare to probe my sea of ​​consciousness, then I will choose another day to visit Ru Sheng Academy, and find someone who has the guts to probe it.”

Not to mention the disciples of the Ru Sheng Academy. At this moment, all the cultivators here couldn’t help shuddering, their faces changed drastically, and they felt the terrifying chill from Gu Changge’s words.

He was really angry! What did it mean to come to their door in person as Gu Changge? Wouldn’t it start a long-life war with the Ru Sheng Academy?

At every turn, they could destroy hundreds of millions of miles across the sea. Exploring Gu Changge’s sea of consciousness? Even the founder of the Ru Sheng Academy would not dare!

Why did no one dare to investigate even when they suspected that the inheritor of demonic art was Prince Ying? It was also for this reason. As the young master of the Ancient Immortal Family, he represented the face of the Ancient Immortal Family!

And Gu Changge’s identity was even greater than that of Prince Ying. Hearing this, Jun Gou and the others were so frightened that they trembled, their lips were white, their calves were spinning, and they were about to kneel down.

To put it in a bad way, the Ru Sheng Academy was also an Ancient Great Sect, and had a very long heritage. But in front of the Ancient Immortal Family, or the unfathomable behemoth like the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, it was not much different from the ants.

“Yes, young master.” At this time, Su Qingge also listened to Gu Changge’s words, obediently closed her eyes, and let go of her sea of ​​consciousness.

But the place was dead silent, no one dared to speak, and even their breathing was deliberately suppressed. Not to mention who would dare to explore Su Qingge’s sea of ​​consciousness?

“Are you guys making fun of me?” Gu Changge’s voice sounded again, showing indifference.

His eyes slowly swept to the people from the Ru Sheng Academy in front of him. In an instant, there seemed to be many terrifying visions emerging between heaven and earth. Even if they were far apart, everyone could not help but feel palpitations.

In front of Gu Changge, everyone from the Ru Sheng Academy felt even more profound.


In the next moment, including Jun Gou and the others, no matter how unwilling or humiliated, they couldn’t help but kneel down and said with trembling voices,

“This matter is our fault. We shouldn’t have wronged Miss Su. I hope you have mercy on us, Young Master Changge. Please spare us.”

“We will provide Miss Su an explanation for this matter.”

This scene made everyone nearby feel different, and they couldn’t help palpitating. Never did anyone think that the ones who always humiliated others would have a day when they would be humiliated.

Compared to exploring the sea of consciousness, kneeling or something was actually much lighter. During a full quarter of an hour of silence.

Everyone present did not dare to speak at will. Everyone from the Ru Sheng Academy was trembling along with their souls, and they were scared into cold sweats by the possible consequences.

“Forget it, about the inheritor of the demonic art, Gu has a good idea. If Qingge has something to do with him, I will take action immediately and will not be merciful. However, if someone dares to bully her, don’t blame Gu for being ruthless.”

After that, Gu Changge waved his hand, and his expression returned to calm.

“Thank you, Young Master Changge, for your generosity!” Everyone from the Ru Sheng Academy looked like they had been pulled out of the water, and they were all wet with cold sweat.

Afterward, the misunderstanding was resolved, and everyone from the Ru Sheng Academy compensated Su Qingge with a lot of things, including divine weapons and holy medicines.

Su Qingge silently followed behind Gu Changge and left the place. As for the inheritor of demonic art who appeared before, no one knew what he was disguised as now.

When they were in the Ancient Immortal Continent before, there was a situation where the inheritor of demonic art disguised himself as other people’s faces and mixed in, so at this time, everyone had no choice.

They could only be careful, so as not to be single like Zhao Yiyao, which gave the inheritor of demonic art a chance.

But today, everyone from the Ru Sheng Academy didn’t say anything and even offended Gu Changge, and their faces turned green with regret. For a while, there were all kinds of discussions and different opinions. In the eyes of many people, there was nothing wrong with Gu Changge’s approach.

Ru Sheng Academy was at fault in this matter. After all, the conclusion was made before the matter was clarified.


After leaving the battlefield, Gu Changge brought Su Qingge back to the mansion where he usually lived temporarily. He didn’t talk to Su Qingge much along the way, and his expression seemed very calm and profound.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind. In this arrangement, no matter the timing or the method, one couldn’t find the slightest flaw. Even though Su Qingge was extremely intelligent, she didn’t realize that this black pot was actually made by Gu Changge on her head.

At a critical time, Gu Changge appeared to help her out again, forcing a wave of goodwill. Since Gu Changge had almost concluded that Su Qingge wasn’t the inheritor of demonic art from this generation.

His Great Dao treasure bottle had a very clear perception of the aura of demonic art. Although Su Qingge couldn’t perceive his existence, if the distance was not too far, Gu Changge could perceive the Great Doa treasure bottle condensed by her runes.

This kind of feeling was as if the real product found a fake one. The key was that the fake painting was still very vague. Gu Changge wanted to ask about the forbidden demonic arts she had learned, was there one percent?

It was probably far from it. The inheritance of the forbidden demonic art was not only as simple as condensing the Dao bottle, but also involved many secret methods and so on.

Such as the Immortal Binding Technique, the Transformation of the Demonic Body, the idea of ​​​​the Concept of Freedom that only I could be free from heaven and would not be bound…

These things, it was estimated that Su Qingge had never heard of it, let alone practice and study. Gu Changge doubted the inheritance she had received, maybe the inheritors of the forbidden demonic art from each generation might be like this.

The founder of the first generation of forbidden demonic art, this secret was too serious… From various indications, Gu Changge had always felt that it was one of his own vests.

Seeing that Gu Changge’s expression was very calm and profound. Su Qingge, who was following behind, also vaguely guessed what he was thinking.

But she didn’t know how to speak at this time. Although she was relieved, it was obvious that Gu Changge’s words were based on what he saw. Before, he didn’t even know that she would come to Southern Heaven.

She told his mother that she was coming to find him, this was also an excuse he made up at that time in order to get rid of any suspicion. Su Qingge was very smart and understood Gu Changge’s intention, so she answered along the way.

And now, Gu Changge was obviously waiting for her to take the initiative to explain all of this. After thinking about this, Su Qingge’s eyes couldn’t help but blink, and she took the initiative to pull Gu Changge’s sleeve, his voice was slightly coquettish.


“I’m sorry, Qingge deceived you today.”

“Oh? How did you deceive me?”

Gu Changge’s thoughts flew back, but he didn’t look back. He asked casually as if he was waiting for Su Qingge to take the initiative to speak.

“Master, Qingge shouldn’t have lied to you and should have said that she came to Southern Heaven to find you.”

She answered bluntly, she knew Gu Changge’s temperament very well, and if she didn’t tell the truth in front of him, she would probably make him unhappy.

“Oh, then you don’t want to see me after coming to Southern Heaven, so you don’t want to see me at all?” Gu Changge asked lightly.

“Young master doesn’t want to see me anyway. What if I come to you and you don’t see me?” Su Qingge’s voice was full of small grievances.

Gu Changge asked with interest, “Why would I not want to see you?”

“Young master, about that, you have left me in the Primordial Divine Sect for so long, and you have never come to see me. I thought that young master had forgotten me. The young master is surrounded by outstanding daughters of heaven, such as Princess Mingkong. A woman like the descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall, Qingge knows that she has little place in the young master’s heart.”

“I came here just to kill the Heavenly Extinction beings and be able to enter the True Immortal Academy to practice…”

“I didn’t want to come to see the young master.”

At this time, Su Qingge was very calm and composed and said all the thoughts in his heart. She was not afraid of Gu Changge’s blame at all.

“Okay, Su Qingge, you are too bold to speak to me in such a manner.”


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