I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 427

Chapter 427: Although he’s a pythons he can swallow dragons, sisters reunite and swap identities (Part 1)

“There is no need to be nervous, Vermilion Bird King, Gu, and others are not any flooding beasts. This time our arrival to the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom is led by Gu and the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall, so you do not need to worry. Are you still not at ease with the character of the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall?”

Accompanied by a light laughing voice.


On the ancient warship, there was suddenly a surge of golden light, bright and dazzling, with runes intertwined as it extended from under Gu Changge’s feet, and he walked straight downward.

Behind him, a group of young geniuses followed closely, even Jiang Chuchu was a few steps behind as no one dared to walk with him. Such a mighty power made the hearts of the people from the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom who came to greet him tremble with shocking waves of disbelief.

The geniuses from the True Immortal Academy.

Who among them was not proud and confident? Convinced that they were invincible, could push through the world, and would not admit that they were inferior to others? But now, they were willing to follow behind in unison?

What kind of identity was the young man walking in front of him?

“Calling himself Gu?”

“As well as the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall?”

For a moment, the Vermilion Bird King’s mind roared as if he was slammed by a large bell, and instantly thought of something.

His eyes couldn’t help but widen.

“It’s hard to believe that… It could be that one! Greetings, Young Master Changge!”

His reaction was quick as he hurriedly shouted respectfully, almost from his heart, not daring to show any extra emotion.

Other than this one, which other genius in this world could reach this kind of situation where one person would walk and ten thousand people would follow?

“Greetings, Young Lord Changge!”

The rest of the ministers and great generals, also reacted and spoke respectfully. At the same time, they breathed a sigh of relief in their hearts.

After all, there were simply too many rumors about this one, and even in a place like the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom, they often heard them. Whether it was the strongest of the younger generation, the True Immortal’s talent, or whatever else, it was hard to hide his powerful mystery.

“You all don’t have to be polite, this trial is much nagging. I also hope that the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom does not mind.”

Gu Changge waved his hand, while his expression was as gentle and elegant as ever.

“Young master Changge, you’re very kind, your words are too flattering.”

The King of the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom looked flattered before he came, he didn’t expect that it would be led by Gu Changge at all. His heart surged with emotions and happiness.

The rumors said that young master Changge was gentle like jade and extraordinary. Today he saw that it was really true, even treating such a small kingdom with politeness and courtesy.

So he certainly did not have to worry about the rest of the turn-off, as long as they did not do things to offend and anger this group of geniuses, it should not incur trouble for the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom.

Seeing this, several beautiful princesses of the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom also plucked up courage and secretly looked up, sizing up the rumored young master Changge, with thoughts floating in their minds.

Some even had already thought of what their children and grandchildren should be surnamed after the moment of seeing Gu Changge for the first time. Such thoughts were in the hearts of the people, and they all opened their mouths to compliment and show respect.

Gu Changge seemed to talk gently and politely, showing the etiquette of the heir of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, causing the eyes of many princesses and ladies to shine with different colors.

Of course, only Jiang Chuchu knew clearly that the appearance that Gu Changge showed outside was just a pretense. The only person who knew how cold and indifferent he really was, would be the one who had witnessed it.

Sometimes she didn’t know if Gu Changge’s appearance in front of her was also a deliberate pretense to disintegrate her heart. If it really was the case, then how scary Gu Changge really was?

“If he was deliberately pretending, he wouldn’t have treated me with such a bad attitude…” She then gently shook her head and snuffed out this speculation.

Jiang Chuchu still felt that Gu Changge’s heart, in fact, still retained some goodness, otherwise he would not have asked her to find the location of the source of Absolute Heavenly Extinction. The fact was that he could find out more about the actual situation. It was just that sometimes his cold indifference and desperation covered up this goodness.

And then, Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom hurriedly ordered that the best palace residence in Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom must be vacated for Gu Changge and for a group of True Immortal Academy’s geniuses to settle down.

Soon, the news about Gu Changge leading the True Immortal Academy geniuses to descend to the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom spread throughout the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom like wildfire, causing a huge sensation.

If there was any genius in this world that could be remembered by everyone, it would be Gu Changge! Even the young children who had just started cultivating had heard of this name.

Among the younger generation, the three words Gu Changge were like a myth, with different meanings. Therefore, after hearing about Gu Changge’s arrival in the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom, the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom, which had been in chaos and panic had taken a pill of certainty.

Even in such a situation, the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom that was already upside down, became all happy, excited, like a blessing in the crisis!

“Judging from this change in Luck and the information I have inquired, the Son of Luck this time should be this third prince who has suddenly returned.”

Inside the palace, there was a black and white divine light flickering in Gu Changge’s eyes. This strange power was like a drawing as it was stripping that seemed to be evolved from the rules of heaven and earth.

The aura of the entire Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom was displaying a trend of change before his eyes. After sending someone to investigate, he quickly learned about the life of this third prince.

Non-scrappy stream, the day he was born, the vision was astounding and the immortal crane carried the gift.

Subsequently, he showed amazing talent, but the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom could not support his cultivation, so he had no choice but to go far away from home, travel around, and finally joined some unknown sect.

He returned after a few hundred years, and now his cultivation was unknown.

“Although it’s a python it can swallow the dragon… This third prince’s Luck is surprisingly purple, the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor also had this.”

Gu Changge gently closed the jade slip that he had checked in his hand, “So, it is the reincarnation of some ancient great power?”

He had some ideas in his mind, this kind of Child of Luck with Purple Luck was in fact, the best harvest may cause some backhands. After all, there were several kinds of reincarnation, one was a heavy trauma that had to be the reincarnation of a soldier, or like the Human Ancestor with active reincarnation, leaving many backhands, in order to go to the top again in the future.

What he was not sure of now was what exactly was the cause of the reincarnation of this third prince.

“Jiang Chuchu has already gone ahead and moved to find the place where the Absolute Heavenly Extinction erupted, which is diligent and saves me some effort, but it seems that she doesn’t want to see me.”

Gu Changge did not take this to heart, then directly instructed a group of geniuses of the True Immortal Academy to start their trials to kill the Heavenly Extinction beings and stop this scourge.

After all, for the looks or something, he should still do a little, of course, Gu Changge was not interested in doing such a boring thing. It was enough for his followers to go ahead.

As for stepping in to protect this group of geniuses? He was not a babysitter, so he did not have the time. Gu Changge had other things to consider, and then his figure moved and left the palace, searching for suitable prey. It was time for a breakthrough in cultivation.

“This quest line of Su Qingge, is it about the background behind her?” He asked the system in his mind.

Nowadays, the rewards obtained from the quest line about Su Qingge could be quite a lot. It was just as well that he needed quite a few Luck points to exchange for the Transcendental Bone in the next few days.

“Yes, master.” The system replied.

“It seems that we still have to keep an eye on Su Qingge’s whereabouts. Judging from the information I just read, Su Qingge and the woman beside Third Prince Chu Hao should have quite a few connections.”

Gu Changge did not follow Su Qingge. For this kind of thing, he did not need to pay too much attention. Su Qingge would naturally take the initiative to explain to him when the time comes.

“In addition to that, my cultivation level is close to the Great Sacred Realm. If I can find a Quasi-Supreme Realm cultivator with a special origin, even a Great Sacred will do.”

Many thoughts swept through Gu Changge’s mind, and the ancient kingdoms of Xuanwu and White Tiger were actually not very far from where he was. His prey was in those places.

And at this moment, in a partial hall. The Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom’s King with a happy face was talking to Chu Hao about the matter concerning Gu Changge.

On the side, Ji Qingxuan and Wang Xiao, also listened in, both of them with different expressions. Wang Xiao was dissatisfied that the palace they were living in was too remote, and the True Immortal Academy’s group of geniuses, all live in the best terrain, the densest area of spiritual energy.

But when he saw the King of the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom approaching, he shut up. Ji Qingxuan was listening intently, and there was a thoughtful flash in her cold, clear eyes.

“Father, I have heard of it, as the heir of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, and the heir of the Heaven Dao Immortal Palace, the future ruler of the Primordial Divine Sect, the power behind him is incomparably terrifying… I really did not expect that he would be of such a nature.”

Chu Hao nodded his head, and his expression was relieved, just afraid that his father would be humiliated at that time. But judging from this situation, it was not. That Gu Changge showed a gentle and elegant temperament, and there was no high and mighty attitude.

Inexplicably, for Gu Changge, he also did not have previous ill feelings. He first subconsciously thought that these noble geniuses who were born noble, each of them would think highly of themselves, nostrils were to the sky, so did not feel good.

After all, his origin was not very good, along the way, so he encountered a lot of such situations.


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