I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 451

Chapter 451: The honest man’s hat must be worn firmly, Qing Xiao Yi got kidnapped (Part 1)

“Is he gone?”

In the pavilion, sensing Chu Hao’s aura moving away, Gu Changge smiled calmly, then waved his hand, “Stop, there’s no need.”

“You can go back.” He said lightly to the stunned Tang Wan.

“Miss Wan, leave this kind of maid’s work to me.” Ji Qingxuan was also smart and hurriedly stepped forward and smiled.

Seeing Gu Changge’s expression, she knew that Gu Changge was really not interested in her. Tang Wan looked at Gu Changge uneasily, feeling a little overwhelmed.

“Boring.” However, Gu Changge just shook his head and didn’t mean to explain.

At this moment, in his mind, the system was prompting frantically. It was a pleasant process to harvest Destiny value and Luck points.

Of course, he knew that Chu Hao was not happy at all, and even wanted to attack him. From the very beginning, when Tang Wan came to the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom, Gu Changge guessed that she would persuade Chu Hao.

With Chu Hao’s character, he must have doubts in his heart, and after giving birth to doubts, this was bound to happen. That being the case, Gu Changge just wanted to help him and let him understand…Tang Wan’s good intentions.

Of course, Gu Changge just added oil to the fire for a while. Not only to let Chu Hao understand that Tang Wan did not betray him, but also to let Tang Wan feel that she had helped Chu Hao.

This was not difficult at all. As for just now, he just wanted to take the opportunity to disturb Chu Hao’s state of mind. After all, as the Son of Luck, he was just a little bit luckier than ordinary people.

He had all the flaws he should possess. However, Gu Changge was a little surprised that Chu Hao was so tolerant, which also allowed him to test out Chu Hao’s bottom line.

Tang Wan’s proportion to his Luck points was higher than that of the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom behind him. As long as he didn’t do anything more egregious to Tang Wan, Chu Hao could endure it.

“It’s so bearable yet his face is green as expected.” Gu Changge suddenly couldn’t help laughing.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Chu Hao what happened today. I don’t have such bad taste.” Gu Changge then waved his hand and told Tang Wan to leave.

As for how Chu Hao would face Tang Wan next, that was not something he was thinking about, and he didn’t need to worry about it.

After all, Chu Hao was the Son of Luck. Even if he witnessed all of this with his own eyes, would he confront Tang Wan frankly?

That was not possible.

Chu Hao had to pretend to be ignorant. He had to wear the hat of an honest man.

“Zi Yang Heavenly King has been bouncing around for so long, it’s time to attack him.”

After the matter on this side was resolved for the time being, Gu Changge began to consider the matter of Zi Yang Heavenly King. As the Junior brother of the Senior brother Qin Wuya who returned from the Nine Heavens, he was more or less useful.

Moreover, as early as the beginning, Gu Changge had a plan to deal with Zi Yang Heavenly King, which involved him harvesting another leek. In addition, Su Qingge seems to have appeared in the ancient kingdom of Xuanwu recently, which brought a lot of trouble to Zi Yang Heavenly King.

In addition, there were observers who reported that Zi Yang Heavenly King noticed the clues and the traces of the inheritor of demonic art, and traced it in the territory of the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom all the way.

This was just a perfect opportunity for Gu Changge to make a move. Su Qingge didn’t disappoint him at all.

Gu Changge was considering whether to treat her better the next time he saw her.

“The distance between Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom and Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom is very close. It just so happens that Zi Yang is not in the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom…”

Then, Gu Changge left again.

This time, his departure was more secretive than the last time. First, he took many followers to the place where the calamity of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction broke out and then entered the depths alone.

Of course, he must have escaped into the void along the way and chose to turn back.

In this way, almost all geniuses knew that he was leading many followers to kill the Heavenly Extinction beings.

Such an obvious alibi was still required, even if no one dared to doubt him, Gu Changge liked to be seamless and leave no flaws in all of his arrangements.


At the same time, the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom, which was not far from the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom, was not peaceful.

Many young geniuses were in danger and were worried and dared not act alone.

The inheritor of the demonic art had shown himself, and several geniuses had already suffered from their poisonous hands. The methods of death were almost the same. All of them had their origin devoured with no traces left in place.

All of this proved that the inheritor of demonic art was indeed mixed into their team.

Many young geniuses who followed the Six Crown King and Zi Yang Heavenly king regretted it. Naturally, there was no need to say more about the power of the inheritor of demonic art.

That was a ruthless man who could escape from Gu Changge, even if it was Zi Yang Heavenly King, it was estimated that he might not necessarily be the opponent of the inheritor of demonic art.

At this moment, in a quiet mansion, the immortal energy was misty, the spiritual energy was dense, and the spirit pool was almost liquefied. In the medical field not far away, all kinds of fairy flowers and holy medicines were planted, and the rays of the sun were intertwined, looking very dazzling.

There were also many auspicious beasts foraging in the medicine field as they sometimes looked up at the gray-clothed young man sitting cross-legged on the bluestone not far away with an intimate look.

Six Crown King, formerly known as Jun Yao.

After revealing his true face, he looked very ordinary, and there was a big gap between the dazzling brilliance. Among the sixth generation of peers, he was the sharp-edged peerless genius.

It was just that very few cultivators knew his real name, let alone those who had seen his true face. Because the geniuses of the same era as him had long since disappeared, either in seclusion or buried in the previous battle.

Even those who survived in that era were the Ancestors of major families, and those who were old would not make a move. He was an ancient freak who was out of tune with this era. In order to become the strongest, he did not hesitate to seal himself several times, just to find the strongest opponent.

In this life, he once again had the will to fight Gu Changge.

“Brother said you were framed? I don’t believe that.” The Six Crown King smiled faintly. In front of him, there was a young man who looked very heroic.

The heroic young man was tall and his hair seemed to be burning, but there were golden runes flashing in his eyes as if he was the Son of the Sun. It was Ying Shuang who mixed into Zi Yang Heavenly King’s team after disguising himself.

He originally planned to find an opportunity to find Zi Yang Heavenly King, and cooperate with him to deal with Gu Changge together.

But now, many young geniuses in the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom had been secretly murdered by the inheritor of demonic art, and their origins had been devoured.

His plan could not help but be disrupted and terminated. Ying Shuang didn’t know what method Gu Changge used to get his hands on the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom and throw the blame on his head.

Logically, Gu Changge was now in the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom. How could he go to the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom to commit murder, but there were still many young geniuses who had an accident?

During this time, many people were looking for the inheritor of demonic art, and Ying Shuang was not worried, after all, he was not the true inheritor of demonic art. He was not afraid that his camouflage method would be seen through.

But he didn’t expect that the Six Crown King would recognize his identity. This made Ying Shuang uneasy, and he had no choice but to bite the bullet and follow the Six Crown King to his mansion.

“Then how can you trust me?” Ying Shuang said in a deep voice, the golden runes flashing in his eyes, even if he was a fake, he showed his majesty as Prince Ying.

“You said that the real inheritor of demonic art is actually Gu Changge? What’s the evidence?”

“As far as I know, Gu Changge is now in the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom. Although it is not very far from the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom, him escaping and coming here to commit the murder. Do you think it can happen?”

The Six Crown King spoke lightly, his face was very ordinary, but his words were very confident and calm, and he had an unquestionable bearing.

“I don’t know how he did it, but the person who framed me was definitely Gu Changge.” Ying Shuang said in a deep voice, about this, he never doubted it from beginning to end.

Except for Gu Changge, he couldn’t find anyone who would treat him like this. Of course, on the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, Gu Changge sent several Great Sacred Realm cultivators to stage a play in front of everyone, and since then, he had never been able to get rid of this dark title.

“There is no basis for your words. In my opinion, you are the biggest suspect.” The Six Crown King smiled faintly, displaying incomparable confidence.

“However, don’t worry, I won’t expose you. As the inheritor of demonic art, don’t let me down. You are still too weak, not my opponent. I hope you can grow to the day when you have the will to fight me.”


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