I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 487

Chapter 487: It’s good to think, Zi Yang Heavenly King wants to kill you (Part 1)

Inside the main hall, the fragrance of tea was wafting, and the green smoke was lingering. As Gu Changge’s words fell, it seemed extremely quiet for a while.

Ji Qingxuan stood beside Gu Changge, filling up the tea for him. Her eyes fell on the purple-skirted woman in front of her from time to time, but she seemed peaceful and well-behaved.

The woman in the purple dress was in her twenties, and the veil that was originally used to cover her face was already gone. Her pretty face was white. She was beautiful, her lips and teeth were crystal clear, her hair was black, and she had a kind of detached beauty.

But at this moment, her flower-like immortal face was smeared with all kinds of black ink, black and white, which looked extraordinarily weird. Although it was a little weird, she still looked aloof.

Her face was ashen, with her fists clenched, and she was very angry. If geniuses from the outside world saw this scene, their eyes would be widened, unbelievable.

Then they would turn so angry that they could not wait to jump out to support justice for the goddess and wash away the shame.

Liu Zi Yan was holding a chess piece and was about to place it down. But she didn’t want the sudden change in the chess game to directly block any of her retreats without leaving a trace of vitality, leaving her stunned for a while, not knowing what to do.

In the end, she could only sigh in disappointment, “I lost again.”

These days, every time she asked Gu Changge for a chess game, she always lost miserably.

She considered herself to be highly skilled at chess, and no matter what kind of opponent she had encountered before, even a chess master who had been immersed in this game for hundreds or thousands of years, she was sure to compete and win.

But in front of Gu Changge, who was about the same age as her, she had repeatedly lost and never won. No matter what, she couldn’t find any way of retreating, and every escape route was calculated by Gu Changge.

Liu Zi Yan couldn’t believe all this at first, after all, a person’s energy was always limited.

Gu Changge’s cultivation base was so powerful, which showed that he spent a lot of time on cultivation.

But why were his chess skills equally superb? Liu Zi Yan couldn’t accept it and it was even far beyond her who studied this especially. How could there be such a monster in this world?

Moreover, Gu Changge’s way of playing chess was seamless and interlocking. Even if she just played against him in the chess game, she couldn’t help but feel her heart palpitating.

This reminded Liu Zi Yan of the scene she saw that day, with all beings as chess pieces, heaven and earth as the board, with such boldness, it was indeed beyond her reach.

Of course, Liu Zi Yan didn’t know that her so-called chess master, Gu Changge depended on the system’s points. Before that, he didn’t know any chess skills at all, and he just learned it by using points now.

If it wasn’t to deal with Liu Zi Yan, he wouldn’t bother to study chess.

“Yeah, Holy Maiden Zi Yan, you lost again. I already gave you three pieces in this chess game, but I didn’t expect the result to be the same.”

Hearing this, Gu Changge seemed to sigh helplessly and then smiled. Then, he raised his wrist, unconsciously picked up the brush next to him, dipped it in ink, and planned to smear it on the face of the beautiful woman in front of him.

Liu Zi Yan bit her lip, her eyes fixed on him, “Young Master Changge won’t let me?”

“How many times have I let you, is it possible that the Holy Maiden Zi Yan is trying to make a fool of herself?” Gu Changge chuckled lightly.

He was like jade, immortal and divine. Even if the things he was doing now were a bit hateful, it was hard to make women feel bad.

Hearing this, Liu Zi Yan could only close her eyes resignedly, her long eyelashes trembling slightly, and she allowed Gu Changge to scribble on her face with a brush.

Who would have thought that in order to ask Gu Changge to teach chess skills, she would even make a bet?

Of course, this bet was proposed by Gu Changge, and Liu Zi Yan didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, but she was a little itchy at Gu Changge’s bad taste.

“It will be over soon.” Gu Changge stopped writing, his eyes were somewhat intriguing.

Liu Zi Yan lowered her eyes and felt annoyed in her heart. She didn’t even need to look at the bronze mirror to know that her face must be full of black ink.

For a woman who loved beauty, this was simply torture. This kind of thing, apart from Gu Changge, it was estimated that no one could do it.

“Play again.”

Afterward, Liu Zi Yan raised her eyes and said again, there was stubbornness and unwillingness in her eyes, as if she had to win against Gu Changge.

“I’m not playing.”

Gu Changge shook his head, and brought the teacup to his mouth, his eyes were calm, and he seemed indifferent, with a detached demeanor.

“No, Young Master Changge, you are bullying people like this, how can you not play.” Liu Zi Yan stood up suddenly, a little impatient, and was no longer calm.

If she didn’t win a game with Gu Changge, she would really be in trouble.

“Anyway, Holy Maiden Zi Yan, you can’t beat me. It doesn’t make sense to keep winning like this.”

Hearing this, Gu Changge just said calmly.

Liu Zi Yan heard what he meant, and felt that such a bet was boring. Therefore, she was also very straightforward and asked directly,

“What do you want? Young Master Changge, to promise me and have another round with me?”

“Why should Miss Zi Yan be so obsessed with this? Could it be that you still like the feeling of being abused by me?”

Gu Changge asked with a strange smile.

Liu Zi Yan was stunned for a moment, a haze appeared on her face. She was a little flushed and panicked as she hurriedly waved her hand, “Young Master Changge, don’t talk nonsense, Zi Yan is just happy to see the hunter, and has no other intentions.”

“That’s good.” Gu Changge smiled, his face was clean and handsome, and she couldn’t find any flaws.

Even if his face was pale and his serious injuries had not healed, his demeanor was still refined and aloof. He looked outside the hall and gently placed down the teacup.

“I thought you were really planning to bring a big fat grandson back to the Patriarch of Purple Mansion, otherwise why would you be so persistent.”

Hearing this, Liu Zi Yan’s face became even more red, but because of the ink marks, it was not very obvious.

She calmed down and quickly explained, “Young Master Changge is joking, Zi Yan has never had this idea.”

She also knew many rumors from the outside world these days.

In particular, what Gu Changge said to the Patriarch of Purple Mansion about making him a grandfather, really left Liu Zi Yan stunned for a long time.

She was still serious at the time and took this matter to ask Gu Changge, but what she got in return was this sentence, “The Holy Maiden Zi Yan is quite beautiful.”

Liu Zi Yan could hardly forget the stunned, ashamed and angry look on her face at that time. She couldn’t wait to find a crack in the ground to hide herself, knowing that Gu Changge’s house arrest was just an external statement.

But she herself believed it to be true. Moreover, Liu Zi Yan could see that Gu Changge really had no interest or intention for her.

If not, why would he say such a thing?

“Oh, it seems like I’m thinking too much.” Gu Changge smiled, and then looked outside the hall with a thoughtful look.

Seeing his appearance, Liu Zi Yan couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Young Master Changge has been looking outside the hall just now, is there something wrong?”

Hearing this, Gu Changge glanced at her, shook his head, and said, “Suddenly I feel a little restless, it seems that I will feel a little uneasy these few days, Miss Zi Yan should also pay attention.”

“I should, pay attention?” Liu Zi Yan was stunned for a moment, unable to understand the meaning of Gu Changge’s words.

“In the past few days, Holy Maiden Zi Yan should move in and live with me.” Gu Changge didn’t explain much and just said this.

“Gu Changge… don’t think about it… I… I’m not going to have a baby for you!”

When Liu Zi Yan heard these words, she was stunned for a moment, and then her face suddenly turned pale with shock, and she couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

At this time, the first thing that popped into her head was what Gu Changge said to the Patriarch of Purple Mansion a few days ago about being a grandfather.

So in a hurry, she couldn’t help but blurt out. But as soon as she said this, she felt that something was wrong, and her reaction seemed to be too violent.

“Why does the Holy Maiden Zi Yan think about such things all day long?”

Hearing this, Gu Changge raised his eyebrows, and seemed a little helpless, “I mean you moved here, if something happens, I can take care of it…”

Hearing this, Liu Zi Yan also quickly reacted, her eyes slightly opened. She was not stupid. Judging from Gu Changge’s actions just now, he seemed to have noticed something.

“Young Master Changge means that someone might come to assassinate me?”

Liu Zi Yan calmed down and frowned, thinking seriously, she did not doubt this possibility. If something happened to her at this time, Gu Changge would never be able to get rid of it.

And the most important thing was that because of her relationship, there had been many voices in the Purple Mansion who were against protecting Zi Yang Heavenly King.

If something happened to her, it would definitely attract the anger of the Purple Mansion, and maybe the little signs that she had just had would be snuffed out.

“If I were Zi Yang Heavenly King, what I would do at this time would definitely be to send someone to kill you.”

Gu Changge smiled, and for the sake of it, he didn’t believe Liu Zi Yan and still couldn’t understand her.

When Liu Zi Yan heard the words, she fell into deep contemplation. Everything she did was for the sake of Purple Mansion, and what Zi Yang Heavenly King did was tantamount to pushing Purple Mansion into the abyss of doom.

At this time, she had become the blocking stone of Zi Yang Heavenly King! Afterward, Gu Changge called a group of followers and asked them to step up patrols and alerts to prevent anyone from getting in.

Liu Zi Yan was overwhelmed with thoughts, and she no longer wanted to continue looking for Gu Changge to play chess, so she went back first.

“Qin Wuya, it’s time for you to make a move…”

After seeing Liu Zi Yan leave, Gu Changge smiled, and he had already set up the net, waiting for Qin Wuya to take action.

In fact, he had already guessed the purpose of Zi Yang Heavenly King. Of course, it wasn’t to kill Liu Zi Yan but to rescue her.

And the only helper Zi Yang Heavenly King could find now was his Senior brother Qin Wuya. Then, Gu Changge sent a message to inform Tang Wan, asking her to come over and left something for her to do.

At this time, it would be even better if Chu Hao, another Son of Luck, could be involved along the way.


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