I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 495

Chapter 495: He naturally chose to forgive her, The people around Gu Xian’er are way too dangerous (Part 2)


At this moment, in the abandoned ruins outside the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom that was submerged in flowing mist, the rays of the sun were permeating, and it was full of various colors of miasma.

The monsters roared and the ferocious birds swept through the air along with the sound waves spread in the surrounding. A purple-robed man was located here, looking at the fluctuation of divine lights in the distance, and his eyes were cold.

It was Zi Yang Heavenly King. Currently, his face did not seem so good-looking. Especially after hearing many rumors from the outside world, his whole person was struck by lightning, feeling unbelievable and shocked like a statue.

His followers were also pale now, faintly fearful, and very uneasy. They felt that the divine lights passing over the sky were all geniuses who had arrived to search for their traces.

Here, no one was a fool. At this time. Anyone could know what the situation of Zi Yang Heavenly King was, not that he was the enemy of the whole world, but in fact, it was almost the same.

They followed Zi Yang Heavenly King so what would happen to them in the end? There was no need to say more. Regardless of whether Zi Yang Heavenly King sent someone to assassinate Gu Changge, the perception of him from the outside world was extremely fatal.

Now almost everyone thought that Zi Yang Heavenly King and the inheritor of demonic art were working together. Even Liu Zi Yan felt the same way. She regarded Qin Wuya, who was sent by Zi Yang Heavenly King to save her, as someone with the inheritor of demonic art, and extremely hated him.

“Junior brother, what is the attitude of the Purple Mansion behind you on this matter? If Purple Mansion doesn’t protect you, your situation will probably be even more difficult now.”

Qin Wuya was standing opposite Zi Yang Heavenly King. He was also sighing.

After he escaped from Gu Changge, he did not immediately return here, but was worried about what means Gu Changge had left on him.

In order to be safe, Qin Wuya stayed out of town for a few days to ensure that there were no marks left by Gu Changge on him, so he returned here and joined Heavenly King Zi Yang.

Hearing this, Heavenly King Zi Yang glanced at Qin Wuya, and his expression was still ugly. This time, in his opinion, he thought it would be a sure bet.

After all, Qin Wuya himself took action, was there anything he couldn’t handle? But something went wrong. The inheritor of demonic art suddenly dispatched someone to kill Liu Zi Yan, and Gu Changge noticed it.

As a result, all his plans came to naught. Not only that, but even Liu Zi Yan held a grudge against him. Stealing chickens yet not losing rice.

Although Zi Yang Heavenly King also wanted to complain about this, he also knew that Qin Wuya couldn’t be blamed for this matter. Who would have thought that the inheritor of demonic art would suddenly do this?

“Damn, that inheritor of demonic art did play dirty. Not only did he frame me, but now he directly made me take all the blame for him! Prince Ying, I will never forget this hatred!”

Thinking of this, Zi Yang Heavenly King’s expression became even more gloomy, and his fists clenched tightly.

A terrifying aura was surging all over his body, as if it could change the course of mountains and rivers, making the stars fall, engulfing this place shrouded in a layer of depressing atmosphere.

Everyone was silent and didn’t dare to say anything. Nowadays, besides Gu Changge, the person whom Zi Yang Heavenly King hated most was the inheritor of demonic art, Prince Ying.

“Junior brother, this matter is very strange. In my opinion, the person you need to worry about the most now is actually Gu Changge. Have you ever thought about the possibility that Gu Changge and the inheritor of demonic art are actually the same person?”

However, upon hearing the words of Heavenly King Zi Yang, Qin Wuya frowned and said solemnly. With a bit of tremor that even he felt his heart palpitate, he seemed to have made up his mind to say such words.

“What?” Hearing this, Heavenly King Zi Yang was stunned for a moment, his eyes widened in disbelief.

“Why would Senior brother suddenly say that?” Reacting to the seriousness of the matter, he looked solemn and asked in a hurried voice.

With Qin Wuya’s character, he would not suddenly say without any reason. He must have sensed something wrong to say that.

“Actually, this incident was only after I thought about it carefully in the past few days, and then suddenly reacted.”

“At that time, I hid outside Gu Changge’s mansion for a few days. If someone was lurking there, I would have noticed it, but I didn’t. The appearance of the man in black robe was very strange, it was like he just appeared out of nowhere.”

“So I suspect that he is actually Gu Changge’s person, so he just showed up and played a bitter trick of thief shouting to catch thieves.”

“And when I fought against Gu Changge, although his aura looked injured, his real strength was not affected at all.”

“Who in this world can recover and use that much strength in just a few days after hurting their origin, and even activate a Supreme weapon?”

“If Gu Changge’s terrifying talent can be explained, then the doubts about many things in the past will be more clear. Besides, Gu Changge’s grasp of timing is just right every time. If he didn’t calculate all of this, you and I won’t believe it even if you kill him.”

Qin Wuya explained, his voice contained a terrifying chill, trembling slightly, causing Zi Yang Heavenly King to feel chills on his back. Even Qin Wuya had experienced a lot of things in the Nine Heavens, but facing this situation, he was terrified and his soul was trembling.

Before that, he had never thought that a person would be so terrifying.

On the surface, he was the leader of the righteous path, the strongest person in the younger generation, with a dazzling halo, and hundreds of millions of people admired him and were his believers.

It was also someone who would have many heritages under him in the future. As long as he did not fall, in the future, he was bound to be the most extreme figure standing in the Upper Realm, and the future was limitless.

But in the dark, he was the most terrifying inheritor of demonic art in the Upper Realm, hiding in the darkness, devouring many origins of geniuses, and causing chaos in the world.

“What my brother said… The things involved are simply too terrifying…”

After hearing this, Zi Yang Heavenly King couldn’t help but tremble, his back was chilled, and he was terrified to the extreme.

He thought of the many possibilities and consequences of Gu Changge being the inheritor of the demonic art. It was simply unimaginable, and it would bring unimaginable terrifying disasters to the Upper Realm.

“I can only doubt this matter. If I have to display evidence, it’s impossible. Gu Changge is too cautious. The so-called inheritor of demonic art, Prince Ying, it is estimated that he is just as unlucky as you.”

Qin Wuya sighed and said, at this time, he didn’t know how to comfort Ziyang Tianjun.

How could he offend such a terrifying character? Whoever offended Gu Changge would have to face his worst nightmare.

“Senior brother, what should I do now? if Gu Changge suddenly finds me at this time, can I only surrender?”

Zi Yang’s face was pale, he was extremely frightened, and his voice was trembling. Before Qin Wuya explained all this, he had never thought of this possibility. But now, the whole person’s head was buzzing, panic to the extreme.

As the inheritor of demonic art, Gu Changge not only threw everything on his head, but now he was even holding the banner of justice to kill him.

Was there anything in this world more terrifying and desperate than knowing this truth?

“At this time, maybe only the Purple Mansion behind you can save you. If Gu Changge and I fight against each other, the outcome will only be fifty, fifty at most. The outside world says that Gu Changge is seriously injured. In fact, he is very good and he is just deceiving everyone in the dark, to play with the world.”

Hearing this, Qin Wuya said after a moment of silence, “Or you can reveal Gu Changge’s true identity…”

Zi Yang Heavenly King expressed his expression, no matter what kind of possibility it was, there was nothing he could do. The only way at this time was to wait for the Purple Mansion behind him to send a strong support.

“I suddenly figured out why I saw such a scene from the future pictures…”

Zi Yang Heavenly King suddenly remembered that at first, with the eyes of immortality, he planned to spy on Gu Xian’er in the future.

At that time, wasn’t she being imprisoned by Gu Changge in a dark and damp dungeon, and was dying?

If Gu Changge was the inheritor of demonic art, all of this would make sense. Gu Xian’er was in too much danger; she had no idea how terrifying and dangerous the cousin next to her was.

“No, I have to remind my little sister of all this. I have noticed her searching for me outside these days. I can’t hesitate…”

Zi Yang Heavenly King thought of this, his face suddenly turned firm and his fists clenched, as if he had made a decision.

Although this decision might lead to the exposure of his traces and face a crisis of life and death, he was not afraid at all.


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