I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 496

Chapter 496: Qin Wuya’s so-called strategy, Otherwise she would not feel at ease (Part 1)

When he thought of the scene that he observed using his Immortal Dao eye, Gu Xian’er at that time was so desperate and helpless. As cold and arrogant as her, how could she be reduced to such a level?

This was all Gu Changge’s conspiracy!

Gu Changge won her trust, and finally, when she was unprepared, she suddenly took action, imprisoned Gu Xian’er, plundered and devoured her origin.

“How can I let something like this happen? How can I let her suffer through this suffering, little Junior sister, she is destined to be an Immortal in the Nine Heavens…”

Zi Yang Heavenly King clenched his fists tightly, his body trembled, and the fire of hatred and anger burned in his eyes.

Once the anger subsided, he found himself surprisingly quiet, no longer with the previous anxiety and fear. The existence of Junior Sister Xian’er was his greatest courage to support him against Gu Changge!

Hearing Zi Yang Heavenly King’s firm words, Qin Wuya fell into silence for a while. He could understand Zi Yang Heavenly King’s feelings for Gu Xian’er.

Even he knew that under such circumstances, it would likely lead to the exposure of Zi Yang Heavenly King’s traces, attracting Gu Changge and others, and his life would be in danger. But Zi Yang Heavenly King did not hesitate.

“Junior brother, you have to think carefully. This matter can’t be solved on impulse. Gu Changge is far from your enemy, whether it’s his background or cultivation, and at this time, Gu Xian’er may not believe your words.”

“She trusts Gu Changge very much. At this time, she will definitely think that you are alienating the feelings between her and Gu Changge. Instead, it will widen the distance between the two of you, which will outweigh the gains.”

Qin Wuya sighed slightly, still intending to persuade him.

“Senior brother does not need to persuade me, I have already decided.”

Even after hearing that, Heavenly King Zi Yang insisted, his fists were still clenched tightly, and his bone fingers had turned white because of too much force.

After knowing Gu Changge’s true identity. If Gu Xian’er stayed by Gu Changge’s side a little longer, he felt that it would be tormenting, and he was extremely worried.

For fear that the shattered future picture he saw would become a reality, and show up in front of him, dripping with blood.

Although the former Gu Xian’er was disdainful of him, he had nothing else to focus on but Dao. But he didn’t mind. For him, even after thousands of reincarnations, if he could change the way she looked at him, Zi Yang Heavenly King also thought it was worthwhile.

This had become his obsession.

In the last life, Gu Xian’er was also called Dao Xian, and she was the most talented disciple of their Boundless Dao Sect since time immemorial. There was a wealth of near-Immortals, and there was even a high possibility of worshiping the Immortal Palace overlooking the Heavens of all ages.

In their era, they often communicated with each other. It was not like the current era, the traces of the Immortal World were elusive and hard to find, and even the Immortal had become a legendary existence.

During that time, Immortals often appeared in the world, visiting friends to discuss Dao, and the Immortal Palace was high above and ruled all directions.

Behind every Immortal Palace, there were existences beyond Immortals. If not for that terrifying catastrophe, that Immortal Palace would not have collapsed, turning the world into ashes.

He now estimated that he was not even qualified to stand in front of Junior Sister Dao Xian, let alone do something for her. After all, Sister Dao Xian was destined to become an Immortal.

Zi Yang Heavenly King had also complained about her, why she couldn’t hold anyone other than Dao in her eyes. But now, he was relieved.

Because Dao Xian was the real her. Dedicated to the Dao, she would only become an Immortal, and she would not be disturbed by foreign objects, nor would she stop for anyone, and she would not leave a glance for anyone.

That was the little Junior sister he had always admired.

“Isn’t there a way? Senior brother, haven’t you already obtained the water of the Reincarnation Lake? As long as Junior Sister Dao Xian can restore her past life memories, she will definitely believe us. I must save her from Gu Changge’s claws!”

Zi Yang Heavenly King revealed divine light, and said in a deep voice, feeling that this matter was not so easy but there was no chance.

“What do you mean…? We directly attack Junior Sister Dao Xian and force her to drink the water from the Reincarnation Lake?” Qin Wuya asked with a frown.

Apart from this method, he really couldn’t think of what else Zi Yang Heavenly King could do. But in this way, if Gu Xian’er resisted, the suspicions about them would become clear.

In this way, the blame would be firmly seated.

“I don’t want to do this either, but if Junior Sister Dao Xian doesn’t believe us, then this is the only thing we can do. We are doing this for her own good. I believe she will choose to forgive us when the time comes. Break the cauldron and sink the boat.”

Zi Yang had a gloomy and lone wolf-like hostility on his face.

Qin Wuya glanced at him, no longer persuaded him as he nodded and said, “Okay, just follow what you said, then I will take the initiative to reveal our whereabouts and bring in Sister Dao Xian, you should pay attention to the concealment of this place. With the formation, it is best not to let Gu Changge find any clues.”

After that, his figure moved, turned into divine light, leaving this place, and went outside the ruins.

Zi Yang Heavenly King nodded and stood with his hands behind his back, his purple robe fluttering and his face was cold. Compared with before, he seemed to have suddenly changed his personality.

Afterward, he took out the jade talisman and informed the Purple Mansion behind him of his current situation. Zi Yang Heavenly King was born in Purple Mansion, and the family behind him was also the main power in Purple Mansion.

Although after several generations, it had declined somewhat, their right to speak in the Purple Mansion was still unshakable. Zi Yang Heavenly King believed that the family behind him was still standing by his side.

At the same time. On the other side, the mountains in the distance spread, towering and ancient, like a terrifying beast crawling on the ground.

The mist was flowing and lingering, and the border was not visible. Many miasma insects and beasts, with towering branches, obscured the sky, making this place darker and damp.

Qin Wuya’s figure appeared in a mountain range, the runes flashed in his eyes, and the golden light was wispy as he looked at the distant scene. It was here that he met Gu Xian’er a few days ago.

Judging from the speed of Gu Xian’er’s search, she probably won’t be able to go very far during this time. Therefore, Qin Wuya planned to reveal his traces here, attract Gu Xian’er to come here, and then lead her to the place where Zi Yang Heavenly King was hiding now.

“The best way is to be noticed by her inadvertently, otherwise, with her level of caution, she may be suspicious…”

Thinking like this, Qin Wuya deliberately descended to a plain below and found an open but secret place. Afterward, he arranged some hidden formations and began to sit cross-legged, as if he had been severely injured and was recovering.

A hidden aura fluctuation spread out, and unless it was very close to him, it would never be felt. As a result, even if Gu Xian’er suspected that this matter was strange, she would not think deeply.

At most, she would think that he was seriously injured after fighting against Gu Changge and could not escape, so he could only find a secret place to start healing.


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